Yamaha TW E7A

Yamaha TW E7A is truly wireless earbuds with the high-performance sound quality and bass. Earbuds have the active noise cancelling with the ambient sound. 

These earbuds have quality. It is truly wireless earbuds which allow the listener to hear every beat of the song even at high or low volume.

Active Noise-cancelling

 The active noise cancelling of the earbud allows you to hear the songs with full freedom. It allows the listener to hear every beat of the songs with high-quality sound and bass without any surrounding noise. Earbuds block the ambient noise and improve the sound quality with the tuned bass.

The Yahama’s active noise cancelling uses the microphone which analyzes the noise and blocks that noise for providing pure listening without the noise. 

Hear full-range sound

Some listeners want to hear every word of songs so they increase the volume of earbuds that may damage or affect long-term hearing health of the listener.so these earbuds allow the listener to listen to the songs with care.

The earbuds allow you to hear every note and not to miss a beat of a song from high to low frequencies even at the low volume. Earbuds also have the feature that enhances intelligently, analyzing the music and the background noise in real-time to automatically and adaptively achieve the best balance at a listener’s selected volume setting.

  Hear what’s around you

Listening through earbuds helps to blocks out the worlds and listener misses some important surrounding noise. To avoid this and to hear the important surrounding noise.

The earbuds have the ambient sound mode that uses the built-in microphone to hear and aware the listener about the important surrounding noise. Even while listening to the songs in the background and keeps the listener fully aware of the surrounding noises.


The earbuds also have stable and wireless connectivity with the listener’s smartphone and allow to manage the earbud with the listener’s smartphone.

Smart controls

The earbud also has the button that allows having calls, play, pause or skips the tracks and also activities the google and Siri voice assistant.


The Yamaha headphones app allows managing of the earbuds with the smartphone and to customize your listening with the app.


The battery is very powerful with the 20 hours of listening to and (5 hours+3 recharges in Charging Case) and with Active Noise-Cancelling on and recharges in

 : about 2 hours

Wireless charging

The charging case of the earbud is compatible with Qi-certified wireless chargers, allowing you to power up without ever connecting a cable to the charging case

Google and Siri voice assistant

Earbuds also have the google and Siri voice assistant with the button on the earbuds. It allows to manage the earbud, listening to songs, hear the latest updates and also having calls with the voice assistant of earbuds.

The earbuds also have

High sound quality


Google and Siri voice e assistant


Active noise cancelling

Listening care

Wireless charging

Ambient aware


Water resistance

Yamaha headphones app

Listening 20 hours


TW-E5A  is a Yamaha’s another wireless earbuds with superior sound quality and bass. The earbuds truly adapt to the listener’s environment. Earbuds have great features.Earbuds have high-quality sound and bass.

 Listening with the  EQ

 Listening in low and high frequencies the louder volume is required in earbuds. Yamaha earbuds optimize the frequencies of earbuds, Eq and tune the music even in the low volume.

Earbud eliminates the need to hear the sound in high volume and no need to hear the music in louder volume to hear all high and low frequencies.

Ambient sound

Listening through earbuds blocks out the world and it also blocks important surrounding noise which is important to be heard. The ambient sound is necessary to keep ware of the surrounding.

The ambient sound function uses the built-in microphone captures these external sound and aware the listener about the surrounding noises. While listening to the songs in the background of earbuds.


The Yamaha TW-E5A earbud has the Yamaha headphone app allows managing of the earbuds with listeners smartphone. This app customizes the listening and improves listening with high sound quality and bass. 


This earbud has stable Bluetooth with wireless connectivity and for supper streaming.

Google and Siri voice assistant

The earbuds have the button that allows to have google and Siri voice assistant


The battery is very powerful with the 26 hours of listening

 (6.5 hours+3 recharges in Charging Case) and  recharges in 2 hours

This earbud also have

High-quality sound


Noise reduction


Smart control


Headphone app

Water resistance

Google and Siri voice assistant

Listening 26 hours

The comparison between TW-E7A and TW-E5A

TW-E7A                                                 TW -E5A

Active noise cancelling  _        NO Active noise cancelling

Ambient sound           _               Ambient sound

Bluetooth 4.0 _ ,Bluetooth 4.0

Wireless charging  _   No wireless charging

Battery 20 hours _            Battery 26hours