Wing has recently launched its new neckband which is Wing Sling 100 and Boult has also recently launched its new neckband. In this blog, we will find what are the differences between these two neckbands. 

We will see the differences on these topics which are price, sound quality, gaming mode, battery. And we will also find out what are the similarities between these two neckbands. 


Brand Wing
Batterybattery powered
Included Neckband ,Charging cable


BrandBoult Audio
Battery Lithium Ion
IncludedNeckband ,Charging cable




Wings Slings 100 price is Rs 1299 and Boult audio z charges price is rs 1499.

Sound Quality

To produce high-quality sound Wing Sling has a 10 mm, diver and Boult has a 14.2 mm, driver that produces quality sound with high bass.


Wing Sling 100 neckband uses on 2 microphones but Boult audio z charge has 4 microphones that allow filtering of noise.


Wing Sling 100 has a dedicated gaming mode that reduces latency which is up to 80 ms and reduces latency while playing video games. But Boult Audio z charge doesn’t have any low latency feature.


Wing Sling 100 has Bluetooth 5.1 but Boult audio z charge has Bluetooth 5.2. And both these neckbands also has the google fast pair features that quality connects with the listener’s devices.


Wing sling 100 neckbands provide a total of 20 hours of listening and it also has a fast-charging feature with just 10 minutes of charging it delivers 6 hours of listening.

Boult audio z charge has a highly powerful battery which delivers a total of 40 hours of listening and it also has a quick charging feature with just 10 minutes of charging it provides 15 hours of listening.

Similar features

Water Resistance.

These neckbands have an IPX5 water resistance rating.

Environmental Noise Cancellation

These neckbands provide an environmental noise cancellation feature that blocks unwanted background noise and improves the calling quality through the neckband.

Multi-Function Buttons

Wing Sling 100 and Boult Audio z charge has Multi-function buttons that allow to play, pause or skip the tracks, allowing to increases and decrease the volume. 


These neckbands also have a type c port for charging.

Voice assistant

Wing Sling 100 and Boult audio z charge has a google and Siri voice assistant


Wing sling 100 and Boult Audio Z charge neckband has are the good neckband in this price range. According to this price range, these neckbands have quality features. These Features are water resistance, environmental noise cancellation, type c port, microphones, Bluetooth, Dual paring, powerful battery and it also produces quality sound with high bass.