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Redmi launched its latest neckband wireless earphone namely Redmi sonic wireless earphone. The Redmi sonic wireless earphone looks like any other neckband wireless earphone.

The earphone is priced at Rs  1299  in India but for the promotion, the earphone will be sold for RS 999. They are launched in blue and black in colour. It becomes the most lucrative wireless earphone in this price range.


Redmi sonic bass earphones have impressive sound quality with high bass. The earphone has stereo sound quality with high tuned and boosted bass.

The earphone features the multi-function buttons to increase or decrease the volume. It also activates the google and Siri voice assistant by pressing the button of the earphone.

This earphone also has the Environmental noise cancelling that blocks noise and suppresses the environmental noise in the earphone.

It also has the quality Bluetooth with the Dual pairing function to pair with the dual device and it also actively switches between the devices.

The earphone is also waterproof. The battery of the earphone is powerful with the 12 hours listening and recharges in two hours.

The earphone also has

High-quality sound


Google and Siri voice assistant

Switch between calls



Environmental noise cancelling

Listening 12 hours


The sound quality of the earphones is of high quality and it has a very good amount of bass. The sound in the mids and highs is a little bit dull.

The volume of earphones at the top has high-quality sound and bass. This earphone also has 9 .2mm driver for superior sound quality and bass.

The earphone also has the magnetic buds they join automatically when brought closer but it doesn’t have the function to auto on-off the sound in the earphone.

The control function on the earphone is on the right side. It includes a multifunction button for volume up and down button, Google and Siri voice assistant and a micro-USB charging port.

It is honestly a little disappointing to see a micro-USB charging port on this product. It also has google and Siri voice assistant by double-tapping on the multi-function button.

Earphone also has fast and stable connectivity with the Bluetooth 5.0. It also has dual pairing Bluetooth allows to pair two devices with the active switching between them automatically.

The battery is also very powerful with the 12 hours of battery. The earphone takes two hours to charge the earphone. The Earphones also have a waterproof rating of IPX4 they are waterproof.

This earphone also has the environmental noise cancelling with the dual microphone offers clear call quality.

But it does not suppress the noise in a noisy environment. The Redmi SonicBass has a pleasing sound quality, some more energy in the mids.

Why Buy

Redmi sonic bass wireless earphones have good sound quality and bass. If you are looking for a budget earphone then this earphone is a good option. It also has a good battery with 12 hours listening, google and Siri voice assistant, IPX4 rating, Bluetooth This earphone is best in this budget range.

Redmi SonicBass are the first wireless headphones with the brand's headband  -