Redmi SonicBass wireless earphones and Redmi Earbuds 2C launched in India-  Technology News, Firstpost

The Redmi earbud 2 c is the latest earbud launched by Redmi. This earbud has the introductory price at RS 1299. Redmi earbud is the variant of the Redmi earbud S.It has quality sound and bass.


Redmi earbuds 2 c is a truly wireless earphone with high-quality sound and bass. It also has the stereo sound quality with the thumping bass.


The battery of the charging case and earbud is good with the 12 hours of listening with the charging case and the earbuds have the 4 hours listening.


The Redmi earbuds 2 c  earbud is equipped with the Bluetooth 5.0 that gives 2x faster and more stable Bluetooth connection. The earbuds also have the auto-pairing function, just take them out of the charging case and it will quickly get paired with the last paired device.

Environmental noise cancelling

This earbud also has environmental noise cancelling that blocks ambient noise for the high-quality sound and bass. The earbud blocks the noise and improves sound quality and bass.

Voice assistant

The earbud also has the google and Siri voice assistant. The earbud has a decent voice assistant with all the devices


This earbud has an ipx4 water resistance rating.

This earbud also has

High-quality sound 


Google and Siri voice assistant

Environmental noise cancelling


Multifunction buttons

Listening 12 hours


The Redmi charging case has the matt finish and has a black colour coating on the charging case with the micro USB port for the charging and in front, there is led light which blinks when you charge the earbuds. The plastic used in earbuds is of low quality and the build quality is not so good.

The battery of the charging case is of 600 mah and each earbud has 43mah,43 mah battery .when you listen to music at full volume in continuous listening it gives nearly more than 2 hours of listening, this is not an extraordinary listening but it is quite decent listening.

Water  certification is quite good


 Bluetooth of the earbud is with Bluetooth 5,0. When there is no disturbance between your smartphone and earbuds the Bluetooth connectivity is good which up to  20 m but when there is destruction between your smartphone and earbuds  then its range reduces to 9 m, the Bluetooth connectivity is quite good 

 Environmental noise cancelling

 The microphone is present on both earbuds at the bottom of earbuds and the call quality with the microphone is on average is and the Environmental noise cancelling is not quite good it doesn’t block the noise in a noisy environment.

The sound quality

 The audio quality in the gaming sound will differ and has a little bit of delay in the gaming sound but when you listen to the songs or watch the video there is no delay in the voice. It is best for normal use.

The earbud does not have the deep bass and punchy bass but the earbuds have thumping and muddy bass, the frequency in mid and high is not of high quality.

Control  of earbuds

Both the earbuds have the push button but the push button is harder side it also allows to activate google and Siri voice assistant, play pause the music.

But the buttons of the earbuds don’t have the volume control feature and if you want to skip the tracks then you have to do with the smartphone. The earphone also has mono and stereo mode.

Why Buy

This earbud is best for those who want to buy wireless earbud for normal use. This earbud is best for those who do not want the best sound quality with the boosted and deep bass. It is best for normal noise-cancelling and normal listening. This earbud has good sound and bass.