Realme buds air pro

Realme launched its latest earbuds which is Realme buds air pro. The earbud has quality features like Active noise cancelling, Bluetooth 5.0, Dual mic, Transparency mode,25 hours of listening, Quick charging. These features earbuds improve the quality of sound and bass in an earbud. Realme has boosted sound and bass.


Active noise cancelling 

Realme buds air pro earbud has the hybrid active noise cancelling combined feedforward and feedback microphone that detects unwanted noise from inside and from outside the ears. It produces high -precision anti-noise waves to block the unwanted noise and improves the quality of sound and bass.

Transparency mode

The transparency mode of Realme buds air pro allows the listener to hear important surrounding noise. If a listener wants to hear the surrounding noise or wants to talk with the people around you then turn on the transparency mode it allows you to hear ambient sound through the microphones without talking off the earbuds.


The  Realme buds air pro earbuds has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 with the fast and stable connection even in the face of multi-device interference with the long-range Bluetooth connection with the smartphone.   

Dual microphone

The Dual microphone of an earbud has a powerful noise reduction with the Environmental noise cancelling that significantly reduces the surrounding noise during the call and allows to another person to hear you more clearly and have a good conversation with others.


The earbud has a powerful battery which has continuous 25 hours of listening with the 486 mah rechargeable battery the earbud also recharges very quickly, just 10 minutes of the charging give 3 hours of listening. And with Active noise cancelling it has 20 hours of listening.

Water resistance

The earbuds have IPX4 water resistance.

Realme Link APP

The Realme earbuds allow you to personalize, customize the touch functions, Turn on the active noise cancelling and stay in control with the listener’s smartphone through the Realme link app.

Smart wear detection

The smart wear detection of an earbud detects whether the listener has worn the earbud or not. The sensor of an earbud detects automatically and pauses the sound in an earbud when the earbud has taken out and then it also resumes the sound when the listener puts it back in the earbud.

Touch control and voice assistant 

The earbud allows the listener to manage the earbud with the simple touch on the earbud and it also allows you to play pause or skip the tracks with the simple touch on earbuds. The earbud has the Google and Siri voice assistant in an earbud.

Low Latency

This earbud also has low latency in transferring data to the earbuds from the listener’s smartphone. The earbud has a low latency with gaming mode on or whether you are watching movies videos or listening to songs. It also has the dual-channel that transmit sound effectively on both earbuds and reduces the latency  



 It uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect with listeners smartphone earbuds quickly connect with listeners smartphone and there is no connection drop while listening. When it connects with the listener’s smartphone it gives notification about the battery percentage.

You can also connect with the Realme link app you get many features and controls in the app like noise-cancelling, Environmental noise cancelling, transparency mode, Game mode, volume enhancer, Bass Boost+, Battery percentage and many more features in the app. When there will be a software update in the link app of an earbud it will get the software update in every phone.

Wear Detection 

The wear detection of earbuds is good when you take out the earbuds it automatically pauses the sound in earbud and when you put it back in it automatically resumes sound in an earbud.

Active noise cancelling

The noise cancelling is quite decent at this price range but not on top quality and not like as a pro. But the earbud blocks the ambient noise and improves the sound quality. And its environmental noise cancelling is good. Its microphone fitter noise and provides decent call quality with the anc on in earbuds.


 The sound quality is quite good and decent in this price range. The earbuds have a 10 mm dynamic driver to boost the sound and bass. The mids of earbuds produce high quality in sound and its highs sound is quite good and its low is also good. It allows you to hear the quality sound and you can also hear the sound of every instrument and allow you to hear every tune of a song.


The battery is at the top level it has 25-hour of battery and with the ANC on it has 20 hours of battery. The earbuds also recharge very quickly in just 2 hours


The earbuds include low latency and its low latency performs well while gaming, listening to songs, and watching videos. 


The touch function is quite good; it has a powerful sensor and touch function performs quite good with the simple touch on earbuds. 

       Realme buds air pro vs Mi airdots pro 2

Battery; 25 hours14 hours
Latency; goodaverage
Anc; yesNo
Bass; Bass boost+No
Water resistance; IPX4IPX7
Recharges; 3 hours1 hours
Driver; 10 mm14.2mm

Realme buds air pro vs Noise shot x5 pro

Battery; 25 hours150 hours
Recharges; 2 hours2 hours
Anc; yesNo
Driver; 10 mm 8mm