Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones With 40mm Drivers, Up to 40 Hours  Battery Life Launched | Technology News

Nokia has launched its latest wireless headphone which is  Nokia Essential Wireless Headphone E 1200. It has a high-resolution sound quality and powerful bass.

Headphone also has an inbuilt battery for 40 hours of continuous listening on a single charge. This headphone also supports Google and Siri voice assistant. The Nokia E 1200  wireless headphone cost EUR 59, which is  RS 5100


Nokia E1200 wireless headphone has a high definition sound with the HD bass. Headphones tune the sound and turn up the bass of headphone. It also allows the listener to hear every detail of music with the powerful bass, full mid-range and pitch-perfect high notes. 

The frequency ranges from 20hz to 20000 Hz. The headphone also has the enhanced bass mode that boosts and tunes the bass. This headphone has a High quality 40 mm dynamic drivers for the powerful sound and bass. 


This Nokia wireless headphone has Bluetooth 5.0 that easily connect with the device‚Äôs and with listeners smartphone and provides a stable connection.  

Google and Siri 

Nokia E1200 wireless headphone has the Active Google and Siri voice assistant allows to get a direction, play the music, Make a call and have a google and Siri voice assistant with Nokia E 1200.


This headphone has the 500 mah powerful battery for 40 hours of continuous listening and listener can also extend its listening with the 3.5 mm aux jack and a cable. The headphone recharges in 3 hours. Nokia E 1200 headphone has USB C charging port.

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