Jabra launched its latest mid-range headphone which is Jabra Elite 45 h wireless headphone, this is the best headphone in rs 10000 in India. The headphone has a high-quality sound and bass. 

The Jabra headphone has quality features like Jabra’s personal hearing profile for a listener, powerful battery with hours of listening, passive noise isolation, Bluetooth 5.0, Voice assistant, Buttons, Jabra sound app.



Jabra Elite 45 H has a premium and superior sound quality with the HD bass. The Jabra headphone allows you to customize and personalize the sound exactly how you like it. This headphone has perfect mids and highs.

The headphone tunes and boost the sound with the HD  bass. The Jabra elite 45 h provides exceptional clarity, high sound quality, turn up the treble, with the boosted bass.


The Jabra Elite 45 H has a powerful 500 mah battery with the feature of fast charge. This headphone allows you to have continuous 50 hours of listening. The battery recharges in 90 minutes, and 15-minute of charging gives you 10 hours of listening. This headphone has a type  C charging port.


This Jabra headphone has a two microphone that allows you to have a clear and quality conversation with others. These microphones have a passive noise cancelling with the wind noise protection that allows you to have a conversation even in a noisy place.

Jabra sound app

The Jabra Sound app and my sound app of a headphone have an equaliser that tunes and boost the sound with bass. The app provides you with the sound that you want.

The Jabra MY sound app makes the sound profile of the listener and performs according to the sound profile. This app also allows you to manage the headphone.


The Jabra Elite 45 h the latest Bluetooth 5.0 that provides a fast and stable connection with the listener’s smartphone.

This headphone has ranges of 10 m for the Bluetooth. The headphone can be paired up to 8 Bluetooth enabled devices but while listening to songs or watching videos it will pair with two devices.  

Voice assistant

The headphone has an Amazon Alexa, Google and Siri voice assistant. The voice assistant allows you to have a conversation, Get directions, find nearby by event or have a message.

Touch controls 

The headphone has buttons on the headphone that allows managing sthe headphone. It allows to increase or decrease the volume of a headphone.



The Jabra elite 45 h has a decent sound quality with good bass. The sound and bass of a headphone is quite good. The mids and highs are also clean and deliver a  bit of natural sound. But there is bit leakage in the sound where you hear it highest volume and there is no noise isolation in the headphone.    


The headphone has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 but it uses only basic SBC Bluetooth codec. But when the headphone compresses the high-resolution sound the SBC Bluetooth codec does not sound amazing.


The Jabra Elite 45 H has an impressive battery that allows having 50 hours of listening. The headphone also has fast charged with just 15 minutes of charging gives you 10 hours of listening.

The connection of  Bluetooth of a headphone is stable and good with the range of15 m between smartphone and headphone.

The controls

The buttons of a headphone are good but they are very close to each other so it very is difficult to find the difference between the buttons.


The call quality of a headphone is at the best it allows you to hear the clear voice of a caller and have a quality conversation with others. The headphone also has passive noise isolation with wind noise protection.

Our Point

This is the best and quality headphone in rs 10000, this headphone has a quality feature which is best sound quality with bass,50 hours of listening, fast charge, Bluetooth 5.0, Jabra sound app.

The headphone is not as amazing as Jabra headphones The Jabra headphones are known for there premium features, amazing sound quality and boosted bass.

But the high-quality headphone of a Jabra is costlier than Jabra elite headphone.

This Jabra elite 45 H is amazing headphone in this price range with best in features, like Bluetooth battery, sound and bass.  

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