Coumi ANC-860 Wireless Earbuds Review – Structurally sound

The Coumi launched its latest earbuds which are the Coumi ANC  860. These earbuds have a high sound quality and punchy bass. These are the best affordable earbuds in this price range.

Earbuds have high sound quality punchy bass, Bluetooth 5.0 Transparency mode, Waterproof, Powerful battery, Noise cancelling.

COUMI ANC-860 Features

Coumi ANC-860 has a premium sound and HI-FI stereo sound quality with powerful bass. The earbud has a 12.5 mm driver for the truly natural, authentic and impressive sound with the punchy bass.

Active Noise Cancelling

The earbuds have the advanced active noise cancelling that allows the listener to focus on what the listener wants to hear. The microphone of the earbud detects the noise and produces anti-noise against the noise and then blocks the noise.

This earbud also has the dual-core digital reduction chip with the hybrid noise-cancelling microphone that blocks the unwanted noise.

Environmental noise cancelling

The environmental noise cancelling has built-in 6 microphones that pick up your voice and isolate it from outside that the listener doesn’t need to speak loudly and have a clear voice while calling. 

Transparency mode

The transparency mode of this earbud allows the listener to hear outside noise so you can interact with the outside world.

It also allows you to hear the important surrounding noises. Like the sound of the surrounding, subway or any other sound without removing the earbuds.


The earbud has the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 that provides a fast and stable connection with the lower consumption of power. Earbuds automatically got paired with the last paired device.

These earbuds will automatically, easel and quickly connect with the Bluetooth device such as laptops, pc, speakers, smartphones, smart tv.


These earbuds are equipped with the 6 dual microphones. These microphones have an inward-facing microphone and outward-facing microphones.

The outward-facing microphone detects external sound and counters with the equal anti-noise to cancel the nose. The inward-facing microphones listen inside the ear and pick up internal sound and produce anti-noise to cancel the noise.


These earbuds have high sensitivity and a smart touch sensor that detects every touch. The earbud easily activates Active noise cancelling, Google and Siri voice assistant, Having calls, play pause or skip the tracks.

Single and Tws mode

The earbuds also allow single-mode the listener to use Left and Right earbud separately either from the left or from the right or use together. In stereo mode, listeners are allowed to use both earbuds.  


These earbuds have a powerful battery that allows listening to the music continuously for 5.5 hours (ANC on) and 7.5 hours (ANC off) on a single charge. And with the charging case 30 hours ( ANC on) and 41 hours with ( ANC off). The earbuds have a USB C charging port. It also has fast charging.

Cousmi ANC 860 REVIEW

The sound quality

The earbud has decent sound quality, it also sounds very warm but the bass of earbuds is top-notch and when you want to listen to a detailed mids and high the bass should be a little more stronger.

The quality of sound goes down when you listen to the songs which have a highly boosted and tuned bass and have more trebles in the sound. While playing games and listening songs of mid-range the performance is good 


The earbud is using nano-coating to protect the earbud from water; it has an IPX7 rating and they are performing well and it protects the earbud from water.

Transparency mode

The transparency mode is also good for letting in important surrounding noises.


The earbud uses Bluetooth 5.0 the connection of the earbud is stable within 10 m and low latency in Bluetooth.  


The active noise cancelling in earbuds performs good and actually better the low biggest earbuds. The noise-cancelling blocks the noise and improves sound quality.


The earbuds are good these are best earbuds under $100.Earbuds high-quality sound and bass, Advance Bluetooth, Transparency mode, powerful Battery, Evoiremetnatl noise cancelling, These are quality earbuds in this price range.

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