Bose QuietComfort Earbuds produces crisp, clear, rich audio with the deep bass and with high-resolution sound. Earbud has a premium sound quality with HD bass. It allows you to hear every note of a song and provides every detailing of the songs. It allows you to listen to every word of a song. This earbud allows you to move in the world of music and you can hear every note of a song, ups and downs of a song, every tone of a song, singers breathing with this Bose QuietComfort earbuds.

Active noise cancelling

Bose’s QuietComfort earbud has the world’s most effective noise cancelling earbuds. It has the internal and external microphones monitor in the earbuds that produce an opposite signal to cancel out unwanted noise. Earbuds utilize both active and passive noise reduction by placing the microphones both inside and outside of the earbuds. Then the earbuds sense the environment, measure and compress the noise and produce opposing cancelling signals. That blocks unwanted noise and improves the listening quality of the earbuds.

Quick conversations

Bose earbud allows you to hear surrounding noise and have a quick conversation with others without removing the earbud. This earbud allows you to manage the noise-cancelling at our own level because there is a need to hear surrounding noise, announcements while moving around and while listening to songs.

Optimized Active EQ

Bose earbud’s optimized EQ doesn’t lose the quality of sound while compressing the sound. It automatically boosts the sound and improves the quality of sound. Bose earbuds active EQ that automatically boosts and tunes the sound even the sound is of low frequency or high-frequency sound to the best quality sound with bass.


Bose earbud has optimized  Bluetooth that quickly pair with the listener’s device or smartphone. It has long-range of reliable connection and pairing with the listener’s smartphone.  


Bose earbud has a touch sensor on earbud that allows you to manage the earbud with a simple touch on the earbud.


Bose earbud has powerful battery both in the charging case and in the earbuds. This earbud has 12 hours of battery with quick charging, 15 minutes of charging will give you 2-hour of listening. Bose earbud also has wireless charging with QI wireless charging mat for wireless charging.

Earbud also has a powerful charging case. The charging case is quite strong with a magnetized interior that keeps earbud secured while charging of earbuds. The charging case also has led the light indicator that shows the battery status of the charging case.

Bose Music app

Bose earbuds also have a Bose Music app that allows you to manage the earbud with the listener’s smartphone. Earbud also has a microphone array that picks up the sound of your voice while rejecting most of the noise around you. It also allows having calling, play pause or skips the tracks with the simple touch of the earbud.

Voice assistant

Bose earbuds have a built-in voice assistant that allows you to play music, send messages, get directions, search for information, check your apps, and more thing with the voice assistant.


Bose earbuds have the Microsensors that detect when they’re in your ears and when they’re not then it automatically pause the sound of songs or videos in the earbud.

This bose earbud also has

Best sound quality

HD bass


Water resistance




Voice assistant

Bose music app

Listening 12 hours


The bose earbuds have the best sound quality and bass. The sound quality on top-notch. The earbuds give you natural sound. The active EQ that boosts the low and frequency sound even in a low volume.

The listeners will not face any issue or audio latency while watching a lot of videos or listening to the songs. The bass of the earbud is very strong with high quality and gives you some clean mids and highs for the best sound quality and bass.


The earbuds have the best active noise cancelling which is of high quality. Bose earbuds have effective noise cancelling like AirPods pro. The earbuds have the best noise-cancelling block more than 90% of the surrounding noise.

It allows you to chose the active noise cancelling at the level of 10 but it doesn’t allow you to totally on and off the active noise cancelling. The earbud also has two microphones which help to get active noise cancelling from inside earbuds with the proximity sensors for in-ear detection earbuds.

Transparency mode

The transparency mode of the earbud is basically when active noise cancelling turned down it gives you the natural sound, you want to hear the important surrounding noise or want a better sense of their surrounding just turn down the active noise cancelling of the earbuds.

when you take any of the earbuds the other earbud automatically will go into full transparency mode. When the listener removes the earbuds in-ear detection sensor pauses the songs.

The touch sensors

The touch sensors of the earbuds are at the best and allow you to manage the earbuds by simply touching or tapping on the earbuds. Bose earbuds allow the listener to have the best and active google and Siri voice assistant.

The listener is allowed to use the right earbud independently but you are not able to take the left earbud put in your ears and then put the right earbud in the charging case.

The right earbud is the master earbud so any time you put the right earbud in the charging case it cancels or blocks the Bluetooth of the earbuds.

The touch control with the right earbud allows to play pause or skip the tracks and activate your voice assistant and with the left earbud the listener can activate active noise cancelling as well as either track forward or chose to hear the battery life of earbuds and there is no track backwards.


The earbuds have the best and powerful  Bluetooth 5.1. Bose earbuds have a stable and flawless Bluetooth connection. Bose maintains the flow while lighting to songs or watching videos with the earbuds.

Bose music app

The bose music app lets you chose your preferred way to manage the earbud it shows the battery, allows control of the volume and also manage the active noise cancelling of earbuds.

The app also provides you with tips on how to use the earbuds. In setting, you can change the name of earbuds and off the in-ear detection and you can change the controls of left earbuds with to track forward or announced the battery levels.


The earbud has the 6-hour of battery life and it varies on the use of active noise-cancelling with the charging case user will get 12 hours battery and total 18 hours of battery with the 15 minutes of quick charging give you 2 hours of listening.

Bose also has the qi wireless charging and the charging case of the earbud is large because of the earbuds. There is a led indicator on the charging case let you know the charging status of the earbuds.

The charging case has a USB type( c )charging port on charging case. There is a button on the charging case to open the charging case.

The earbuds are inside the charging case and inside the charging, there is a  pairing button located between the earbuds which help to get the earbud paired with a listeners smartphone.