Beats Flex – All-Day Wireless Earphones – Beats Black - Apple

Beats flex 

Apple has launched its latest products which is Beats Flex. It is a mid-range wireless earphone. It features high-quality sound, Bluetooth 5.0, Powerful battery, Microphone, On earphone controls, Magnetic earphone and bass.


The earphone has the premium sound quality with the amazing bass. This headphone has the advanced digital processor that tunes your audio for the accurate emotive sound quality and bass. The earphone also allows you to hear every detail of a song. It’s also has optimized clean clear mids and highs.

Audio sharing

This earphone allows you to wirelessly share the audio with another iPhone, iPad, Apple TV apple headphone or beat earphone and each can control their volume.  


It has the latest Bluetooth that transfers quality data to the earphone. The earphone also has the lossless transmission of data.

W1 Chip

The apple wireless earphone has w1 Chip that seamlessly integrates with the Beat flex that allows you to seamlessly switch between products, check battery status, share the audio with someone else.

And for the seamless connection simply power on and hold near your iPhone or Ipad, and from there, your earphone is ready for the connection with any Apple device that synced to iCloud.


It has an advance inbuilt-microphone that help to reduce wind noise for the elevate voice clarity and call performance.


This headphone also allows you to manage the headphone, increase or decrease the volume, play pause or skip the tracks, or active google and Siri voice assistant.


This wireless earphone has a powerful battery that allows it to have 12 hours of listening and 10-minute of charging gives 1.5-hour of listening.

Magnetic Earphone

Apple’s latest earphone Beats Flex has magnetic earbuds and they have Auto on-off features. When a listener removes the earphones they automatically pause the sound and when you put it back they automatically resume the music in earphones.

Beat app

The beat app allows you to have Quick paring, Battery levels and Firmware updates on your smartphone.

What is in the box

Wireless earphone

USB -C to USB-C charging cable


Warranty card

Earphone has

Best sound quality

HD bass

Magnetic earbuds


Audio sharing

Smart control

Google and siri voice assistant

Beat app

Listening 12 hours