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Jabra Elite  85 t is a truly wireless earphone that has the premium sound quality with HD bass. The earphone has the high-resolution sound and high-quality bass. This earphones has 11 levels of active noise cancelling within the earphone. Jabra Elite 85t Features Active Noise…

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Bose Sport Earbuds Features 

Bose Sport Earbuds has a premium sound and bass. It has a high-quality sound with HD bass. Earbuds make your music sound clear and balanced, no matter how loud you turn it up. It allows the listeners to have quality sound with the powerful bass….


BEST 12 EARBUDS IN RS 4000 have best 12 earbuds in rs 4000. These earbuds have a premium sound with quality bass. Earbuds have high-quality sound and bass. We have the best 12 earbuds in India in rs 4000. These are high-quality earbuds. Lenovo HT10 Pro (Black) Lenovo earbud is…