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Apple launched its latest headphone in India which is Apple Airpods Max. Appel’s latest headphone has the high fidelity audio that creates ultimate personal listening.

The headphone features a Theatre like sound, Active noise cancelling, Transparency mode, Adaptive EQ.

The design of a headphone is very unique; it reduces the pressure on the head and allows for hours of continuous listening.

The Airpod max comes in in 5 colours grey, silver, sky blue, green, and pink.

This headphone comes with the extremely premium price $549  in the USA, €600 or £549 in Europe, and INR 59,900 in India. The headphone has the premium sound quality and HD bass.


The Apple’s Airpod Max has the premium and high- fidelity audio with the detailed bass.

It’s 40 mm driver produces sound with the ultra-low distortion which provides rich sound, deep bass, clean highs and with accurate mids.

This headphone gives you theatre-like audio for the movies or the shows with the surround sound.

It has an H1 chip in each cup with the advanced software that creates breakthrough audio and blocks the noise which improves the listening.

The Airpods max also allows you to hear every note with HD clarity and have a clean high-frequency that allows you to hear every detail of a song with premium sound and bass.


The active noise cancelling of a headphone blocks the unwanted noise and improves the listening of a headphone.

This headphone has a total of 8 microphones in which six microphones are outward-facing that detect noise in your environment and then block the noise.

And two microphones are inward-facing that measure what you are hearing and allows you to have clear calls even in environmental noise.

Its noise-cancelling counters the external noise with equal anti-noise and allows you to have premium sound quality with HD bass.

Transparency mode

The transparency mode of an Airpods Max allows you to let in important surrounding noise. The transparency mode allows you to interact naturally with the outside world.

And it allows you to hear important surrounding noise which is very important while moving on roads or on the streets. With the simple touch, on a headphone it allows you to have a  direct conversion with others.

Adaptive EQ

It’s inward-facing microphones measure what you are hearing and These microphones adjust the frequency of music in the headphone and allow you to have rich and detailed sound and bass. It allows you to hear every note of a song with the premium sound and bass.

Audio sharing

It easily shares an audio stream between two sets of AirPods on your iPhone,iPad,iPod touch or apple tv bring a headphone near any devices your listening then taps to connect the headphone

Seamless switching

 It allows you to seamlessly switch over into the calls while hearing the songs.

Digital crown

The Digital crown allows you to manage the headphone, increase, decrease the volume, answer the calls and activate the voice assistant play pause or skip the tracks from a headphone.


Air Pod Max pause the audio when you take off the headphone and resume the audio when you put them on.

Voice assistant

The voice assistant of headphones allows you to have, voice assistant, to get directions, check the weather, schedule a meeting, announce the message and you can even tell Siri to respond to the message.


Airpods Max immediately connects with your smartphone, puts the headphone near your device and taps it to connect with your device.


The Airpods Max has a powerful battery that allows you to have continuous 20 hours of listening.5 minutes of charging gives you 1.5 hours of listening.


What is in the box

AirPods Max

Smart Case

Lightning to USB-C Cable

What are the benefits of buying the headphone?

Premium sound quality

HD bass

Active noise cancellation

Transparency mode

Bluetooth 5.0

Adaptive EQ

Seamless switching

Audio sharing

Headphone detection

No leakage of sound while hearing

Transparency mode

Voice assistant

Listening 20 hours with fast charging